What Do We Offer?

From end user support through to servers, networks and project management; we can provide services, solutions and equipment to meet your needs. Our trained staff can advise and support you and your staff to ensure your IT services run with a minimum of downtime.

Desktop and Laptop

Whether you are looking to replace, upgrade or even if your computer is just running slow, we can advise you.  From a clean up to upgrades and new computers, we can ensure your data remains safe and secure.  Our staff are experienced in a wide variety of software applications including Microsoft Office and can provide solutions to a range of problems on PC or Mac.


Ensuring that your server data is backed up and secure is essential.  We can offer advice and solutions for businesses of any size and data volumes.  If you have multiple File, Print, email and application servers or you are a single server environment, our engineers can support your existing environment or offer solutions such as virtualization to improve performance.


If you’re having problems with your wireless network or need advice on a wired network, we can offer assistance is all areas.  From firewalls to switches and routers we can offer solutions for any situation and budget.

P.A.T. Testing

Portable Appliance Testing is extremely important to ensure the safety of all staff and your customers. Many Public Liability Insurers and Employee Liability Insurers insist that this is completed at least every two years and some annually. We have our new P.A.T.  Testing service starting in July 2016. All of our Care-Pack customers will be entitled to a discounted rate. We can test all electrical devices, not just your IT peripherals.

Project Management

Every technical solution has to be implemented and that very simple job can quickly become very complex. Most simple tasks are well within the abilities of any person; sometimes you will need to deliver a complex set of IT tasks that have to be completed as planned – then a set of tasks has become a project.

Our project manager has over 20 years’ experience in the computing industry working for companies such as ICL, Fujitsu and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office delivering projects to a wide range of small and large businesses.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Could you run your business if something was to happen to your office? Do you have a plan set in place? DR and BCP is usually the last thing on the minds of a business when it comes to IT, until that is, something happens.

Do you have a Business Continuity Plan?

What would happen if your business premises had a fire or was broken into?

Where is your data stored?

Do you have your data backed up?

Could you bring your IT systems online again within 24 hours?

Where would your staff work if your premises were unavailable?